Medicare Coverage

What is and is not covered by Medicare? All your answers in one place.

Are vision exams covered under Medicare?

Have you had a hard time reading the grocery list lately? Does your phone screen look a little blurry when you send a text message? It might be time for a vision exam and some new glasses.

Choosing Medicare coverage that is right for you

If you’re nearing 65 and are eligible to join the more than 58.5 million Americans already enrolled in Medicare, then figuring out the best type of Medicare coverage should be one of your priorities.

Does Medicare provide dental coverage?

Your teeth are an important part of your health. But once you retire, you may lose your dental insurance coverage. So, how can you make sure you’re not paying too much out of pocket for your dental care?

Does Medicare provide long term coverage?

You’ve probably thought about long-term care and nursing homes at some point in your life, but you likely put them in the back of your mind. We get it — it’s not something most people look forward to.

Does Medicare provide transportation coverage?

Whether it’s an ambulance ride to the hospital or a lift to the doctor’s office, transportation plays a big role in our health. And as you enroll in Medicare, you may be wondering what type of transportation is covered under your plan.

Important facts about Medicare Part A and Part B coverage gaps

Health care needs are different for each person and within each family. Also, health care needs change over time – especially as we age.

What Does and Doesn’t Medicare Cover?

If you’re unsure or confused about what Medicare covers, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions we hear from our patients.