Why Choose LEON Health?


LEON Health is a Medicare Advantage plan that works with Leon Medical Centers to provide members comprehensive care and the benefits they need in order to stay healthy.

With numerous health care professionals in the network who serve more than 42,000 Medicare recipients, we are redefining the delivery of medical care in the healthcare industry.

If you have Medicare, have both Medicare and Medicaid, or are eligible for Medicare as a senior or due to a disability and live in Miami-Dade County, Leon Health has the right plan to fit your needs.


Offering “Personal Attention at all Times” is the foundation of Leon’s philosophy and establishes a standard of care that has always led to positive patient-physician relationships, member-employee communication and quality medical treatment to all Leon Health members. We treat every member as if he or she were our mom, dad, grandmother, or grandfather and it is these family values that distinguishes us and creates an atmosphere of genuine respect and compassion.

At Leon Health, we are committed to improving the lives and health of the members we serve. To that end, Leon Health, train clinical and corporate health plan employees to handle our members’ unique needs. Our Employee’s “Service of Excellence” training program provides customer service skills to build rapport with each of our members and deliver the warmth and caring that each deserves, ensuring our company’s motto “Personal Attention at All Times” is fulfilled with every member encounter.


Leon Health is a new Medicare Advantage Plan launched by Benjamín León, Jr., a visionary in the health care field, and the Leon family. Mr. León, Jr. alongside his father, Mr. León, Sr., founded Clínica Asociación Cubana (CAC) in June 1970 under which the León family worked arduously to introduce the concept of managed care to the State of Florida. The León family became central figures in the development of the original Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act of October 1, 1972. On March 6, 1973, Clínica Asociación Cubana was granted the state’s first HMO license (HMO-73-1) becoming a pioneer in the HMO movement in Florida.

Mr. León Jr. later established Leon Medical Centers, Inc. (LMC) in 1996, with the mission of honoring the León family’s tradition of improving the quality of life of Medicare recipients and the elderly. LMC was poised to provide unparalleled medical care, compassion, and offer patients a home away from home.

Under Mr. León Jr.’s leadership, LMC has grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious healthcare institutions in Florida. A model for institutions locally, as well as nationally, LMC is allied with Miami-Dade’s most prominent hospitals, and employs and contracts with top performing physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals. This results in the finest healthcare delivery system in the county, backed by long-standing healthcare entities.

With numerous dedicated professionals who serve more than 42,000 Medicare recipients, Leon Medical Centers is redefining the status quo in the industry. LMC offers superior medical care, providing the Medicare population in Miami-Dade County with the dignity, respect, compassion and human kindness that they deserve.

The Leon family has provided health and well-being to its beneficiaries in Miami-Dade County for 25 years, and the Leon family continues to invest in innovation, physician trainings, center expansions and a health plan that has been customized to our Medicare community with the ultimate purpose of improving lives.

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