Medicare Advantage explained

If you’re nearing age 65, have joined the more than 54 million Americans who are 65 years or older, or are under age 65 with a qualifying disability or disease, a Leon Health Medicare Advantage Plan might be right for you. You probably have questions about how Medicare Advantage works, how Medicare Advantage is different or whether you’re eligible for Medicare Advantage.

At Leon Health, we’re here to lessen any worries, answer any questions and make the Medicare coverage process as easy as possible for you. Imagine having the service, care and respect that Leon Health is known for in your health plan.

Our team works with older adults every day.  You can count on us to listen to your needs and help you navigate all your Medicare choices. Then, you can choose a plan that’s best for you.

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage Plans are a little different from the Original Medicare plan. The Original Medicare plan includes hospital coverage (Part A) and medical coverage (Part B).

Medicare Advantage Plans, called Part C, is an alternative to the Original Medicare plan. Private companies, such as Leon Health, offer this Plan. Medicare approves Leon Health to provide Medicare Advantage Plans to people who live in Miami-Dade County.

If you participate in or are eligible for the Original Medicare plan, you can participate in a Medicare Advantage Plan. These are bundled plans that give you added coverage benefits. You get hospital and medical coverage, but you may also get additional coverage such as drug coverage (Part D), dental, hearing or vision.

Remember, if you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will still have Medicare. You’ll just get your Original Medicare coverage from your Medicare Advantage Plan.

What are the Different Types of Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans can be different depending on where you live. The Leon Health team is available to talk with you about your specific needs and available options.

Here are the different types of Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • Health Maintenance Organization – health care coverage from providers or hospitals in the plan’s
  • Medical Savings Account – healthcare coverage that has a high-deductible insurance plan and a medical savings account that helps pay for any health care costs.
  • Preferred Provider Organization – health care coverage from a network of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other health care providers. You can choose an out-of-network provider for any of the covered services, but the costs may be a little
  • Private Fee-for-Service – health care coverage from any Medicare-approved doctor, other health care provider, or hospital that accepts the plan’s payment terms. If the Private Fee-for-Service has a network of providers, you can also see any of those. If you choose to see a provider who is not in the network, you may pay more.
  • Special Needs Plans – health care coverage for people who have certain health needs or are diagnosed with a specific disease. If you are on a limited income, this plan might be right for you.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

You’ve got a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans. When you join a plan, you pay the private company that administers the Plan. You’ll find that the healthcare benefits may vary from plan to plan. But there are some overall key benefits to a Medicare Advantage plan. These include:

  • Convenience – it’s considered a one-stop-shop where you’ll have the convenience of a single plan for all your medical and prescription medicine coverage.
  • Coverage – you’ll have the comprehensive services that are part of Medicare Part A and Part B plus many additional covered benefits.
  • Emergency and urgent care – nationwide coverage for any emergency or urgent care outside the plan’s service area.
  • Health care coordination – when you choose a plan, such as an HMO, you’ll select a Primary Care Physician who might be part of a network and coordinates all your care with specialists.
  • Potential cost savings – cost-sharing and plan limits may offer you a more cost-effective plan.

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